All our yarns are made from 100% Australia alpaca that has either been grown by us on our One Tree Hill Alpaca Farm or on an alpaca farm about 1 hour away from us, making the alpaca used 100% grown in NSW!

We use three mills to process our yarns: Adagio Mill (Orange), Boston Fine Fibres (Burra) and a New Zealand based mill. All three mills produce stunning quality yarn.

Waratah 4 ply Yarn

Waratah 4 ply yarn

Waratah (4 ply – our most popular yarn base). The name waratah comes from the Eora Aboriginal people, the original inhabitants of the Sydney area. It means ‘red flowering tree’. This base is our 100% Australia grown and processed yarn.
Myrtle 8 ply Yarn

Myrtle 8 ply yarn

Myrtle (8 ply). The name we used comes from the lemon myrtle which is a giant of the Australian native food industry, originating in subtropical coastal rainforests of Queensland. The tree produces intensely flavoured leaves with a distinctive lemon/lemon grass fragrance and taste. This base is our 100% Australian grown and processed yarn.