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Yarn Club

Happy New year!! January Yarn Club is three lovely natural colours that will be given the Angela special treatment!

Only 20 of each pack available! On sale until 19th January with post going out before the 26th January. Only $60 per pack (not including postage).

This months club is a wee bit special! All three packs (natural colours) have been grown by other alpaca breeders in NSW. I am selling their yarn, on their behalf, to help support their businesses! Oh and the yarn has been processed in NSW too. In fact this yarn has not travelled more than 4 hours – from growing, to processing to then to me for hand dyeing! How special is that?

This month Yarn Club includes:

  • 2 x skeins of hand dyed 100% alpaca yarn – non super washed – 8 ply –  approximate length – 190 metres -100 grams
  • 1 x mystery gift weighing 50 grams (hint hint)
  • 1 x mystery gift (not giving any hints)

The 2 x skeins of yarn will start as a natural colour but both will be hand dyed, both colours will be a total mystery, and will mix and match with each other!