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Update: 19th May 2021 – New Mallee Colours

Hello lovely stockists. Let’s chat Mallee new colours. I was let lose in the dye studio a few months ago and I created a range of new colours. I only wanted to created 10 new colours…well that increased to 20 new colours… we ended up with over 40! Not sure how that happened!! LOL! I just can’t help myself. This means that we have nearly 90 colours that are repeatable! The new colours are not available as colour cards but you can see the new range of colours here.

At the moment we will only be selling these colours on our Mallee base, from our online and farm shop, but the new Mallee colours can be created on any of our bases for your shop. If you are interested in any of these new colours please note the following dye batch amounts:

  • 2 ply – 4 skeins
  • 4ply – 5 skeins
  • 8ply – 4 skeins

For some wholesale orders we can take stock off show to fill the order however this is not possible with the new Mallee colours. If you would like these for your shop you will need to order them in the amounts listed above and we will dye them especially for you. If you are looking for some new colours, let’s chat!

New Portal

Welcome to our brand new stockist portal. I have created this page to give you a location to place your orders (attached as a PDF please) and to provide you updates on our business (yarn bases, new colours, new bases and our farm etc).

You can log in to this portal whenever you need to get updates from us without filling up your inbox. I will be adding more news from time to time.

You can also use the form above to contact me or ask me any questions.


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