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Our Farm
Our yarn starts here on our farm, called One Tree Hill, located in Murrumbateman NSW, Australia. It is an easy 25 minute drive from Canberra, Australia's capital.

We are passionate about breeding premium alpaca wool and producing breed-specific yarns.

Where possible, the fibre in our yarns is sourced either directly from our alpacas or from farms located across NSW, Australia. We are commmited to producing and selling luxury yarns whilst caring for our environment by, were possible, sourcing fibre from within NSW, reducing transport and environmental impacts.
Our Cria
The Blackwattle alpacas grow a soft, luxurious and crimpy fleece, suited to yarn production.

As a working alpaca farm, we focus our breeding program on industry standards for luxury fibre production, which produces premium alpaca yarns.

All our fibre is scientifically tested to ensure premium fibre is used in our yarns. Fibre sourced from other farms, for our yarns, are also tested to ensure our consistent, high quality, processing standards are met.
Our shearer, Ian Elkins, is regarded as somewhat of a legend in the Australian shearing industry having been inducted into the Australian Shearer’s Hall of Fame in 2015, one of only 32 shearers in Australia’s history to achieve this recognition.

Ian also has one world championship under his belt (Denver Colorado 1994) and has been awarded the Australian Shearer of the Year 8 times.

We care immensely for our alpacas, and during shearing they are handled calmly and respectfully.
Hand Dyed
All our yarns are hand dyed by me, Angela, owner and manager of Blackwattle Yarns, in our farm shed which has been converted to a dye studio, office, workshop area (where we run crafting workshops) and our Farm Shop.

Recently Jo Adams has joined our team, providing assistance with hand dyeing and running our Farm Tours.