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For the love of alpaca fibre

I get asked from time to time why alpaca yarn? Why not merino? Alpaca fibre, especially alpaca fibre that has been grown in NSW is a world class fibre! Nothing beats it really! Then you add processed in Australia – geez what gets better than world class fibre that is not only grown in Australia but also processed right here? Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats alpaca that has been grown and processed in NSW!

As primary producers, yes we also grow the alpaca fibre right here on our farm, we take great care for not only our land but also our alpacas. This in turns allows us to grow stunning alpaca fibre that is then processed into world leading and truly beautiful yarn. We know where our fibre comes from – either on our farm or from another alpaca stud about 1 hour away from us.

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My wonderful world of lists

I often get asked about how I do it all. How do I manage to fit everything in? Do I ever sleep? The answer is no I don’t fit it all in. I just make time, prioritise things and I make lists. I make lists for lists and then lists for those lists. I even have post it notes around my office to remind me to check my lists and I also have a large whiteboard in my study with lists. Sounds complicated but in my world it all makes sense.

Alpaca fibre is my world, I’m slightly obsessed with it, and I love every aspect of it but to organise and grow my business I need lists. Lists keep me grounded and remind me to do the things for the business that is needed when all I want to do is spend time dyeing yarn, another of my obsessions. Time for me to be honest here….I have three major obsessions – alpacas, yarn and making lists!

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New beginnings

Welcome to my first blog on our brand new Blackwattle Yarn and Fibre website! I have been thinking of a starting a blog for some time and thought why not make a start with the creation of our brand new website!

Firstly let me introduce myself, I’m Angela Smith, and with my husband Matthew, we run One Tree Hill Alpacas and Blackwattle Alpaca Yarn and Fibre, located in Murrumbateman, NSW. Just a short 20 minute drive out of Canberra. We specialise in breeding appaloosa alpacas, the spotty ones. We have about 70 alpacas on our property that overlooks the Brindabella Ranges near Canberra. We are located in a fantastic cool climate grape growing region and we are surrounded by 3 wineries. 

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