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Bell Art

Sharing Australia's floral gifts with the world!

Bell Art began many years ago when Amanda Legovich (Owner) was still in school. Her mother, Meryl Bell, loved painting Australian wildflowers, honing her skills tirelessly to capture their rich colour, form and beauty as the 17th century Dutch masters she so admired, did. Instead of painted peonies and roses spilling out of vases, Amanda’s Mum paintings showcased her beloved wildflowers. Fond memories of her childhood growing up in the rural areas of Western Australia, her grandmother picking wildflowers to display on the mantle, the gorgeously enveloping aroma of Boronia filling the air; these were all inspiration for Amanda’s mum passion and desire to capture Australian native flora and share their unique beauty with the world.

Her paintings of exquisite detail would each take many months and sometimes years to complete. Back when Amanda’s mum was not well known, you couldn’t recover the cost of such paintings, so instead she founded Bell Art with her husband, Don, as a more accessible and affordable way for people to enjoy her paintings and the beauty of Australian wildflowers.

Bell Art offers a range of very pretty products especially considered for clothing care.