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Ball Winding

Nearly all Blackwattle yarns are sold as skeins. We hand dye our products in skeins to achieve an optimum result and we store/display them in this same relaxed format to avoid stretching or over tensioning the yarn while they are waiting to be used in a project.

This does, however, mean you can’t usually start your project until you wind the skeins into balls, also know as cakes. If you don’t have ball winding equipment at home, we are happy to wind your skeins into balls before posting or pickup, so you can start your project as soon as your order arrives!

This is an additional service to the cost of your yarn. The price is per skein and can be ordered using the product below. Please enter the number of skeins you require wound, or if only part of your order is required to be wound, please also reach out to us with the specific details via the form on our Contact page.