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When Mistakes Work

Creating new colours is sometimes a hit and miss exercise. You either love the new colours you are creating or….you don’t. Mistakes happen when dyeing yarn and sometimes those mistakes are love at first sight!

This recently happened to me. I created a colour called Velvet Dreams, a lovely soft blend of purples and light greys with a hint of light red. The first batch sold well and I then dyed more. This is when the ‘opps’ moment happened. Not really sure what happened though….the first batch was really soft and gentle and the next batch was well… the exact opposite! The colours were dark, deep and moody and I was in love!

The colours were stunning and when matched with one of my new purples it was like it was ‘meant to be’. Peas in a pod really!

Ok so don’t judge me here….but sometimes the yarn talks to me. Yes yes I know that sounds bat shit crazy but when I create new colours the yarn sometimes talks to me telling what its’ name should be. Fallen Unicorn, well it was the colour of a unicorn that was dirty, hence the name Fallen Unicorn. Next to the Castle Wall is the colour of the water you would expect to see in the water next to a castle wall. They knew what they wanted to be called before I even knew it.

Velvet Dreams was dreamy but it was not right. Somehow the universe told the next batch to misbehave to show it’s true self, much like when the yarn chooses its own name.

When the second batch was dyed I stood there staring at a mess in the dye pan, little did I know that this ‘mess’ was to be one on the best colours that I have created to date! I am so in love with new colour. Dark, moody, deep and beautiful. I explain the colour and sense of the pattern like the potpourri in a crystal bowl sitting on the hallway table of your grandma’s house. The potpourri that when you smell it now takes you right back to the house and your grandma. It was like the yarn was telling me to remember the past and to understand that mistakes are often jewels waiting to be discovered. My nanna used to say that ‘mistakes are just the way we learn’, and I could not agree more! Wise words indeed.