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Unacknowledged 2022 Collection Colourway

Unacknowledged is one of Angela’s 2021 collection creations. It was initially earmarked for a gap to be designed to sit within our reds colour story. But once it was finalised we found it spoke perfectly with our pinks story as well!

12 months on and Unacknowledged has proven itself a popular choice and even extended its reach into our new watermelon colour story (coming soon!) So it’s safe to say Unacknowledged will remain a part of our new 2022 collection of standard colourways and will be available to order on any of our regular bases including:

– Lilly Pilly 2ply (lace weight)
Mallee 4ply (fingering weight)
– Grevillea Lux 4ply (fingering weight)
– Wattle 4ply (fingering weight)
– Sweet Pea 4ply (fingering weight)
– Kunzea 4ply (fingering weight)
– Banksia 8ply (DK)
– Blue Gum 8ply (DK) 
– Honeysuckle 8ply (DK)