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The joys of new colours

Last week, with my very good friend Jennifer, I set about the task of finalising my standard colourways. Now those that dye will fully understand that selecting and sticking to a limited amount of colourways is hard, really hard. There are so many pretty colour combinations and I just want to dye them all! I love the mix and match colours, set off by a range of semi and solid colours.

There are so many combinations… how do you select a few? How do you stop at a set number? Much like how do you stop at one piece of cake? Or in my life…how do I stop at buying just one alpaca? Mmmmmm….very tough.

At the beginning of the task I thought it would be easy. Just select a few of the colours I like and then work from there. How wrong was I? I started off easily with 12 colours and that quickly grew to 20 and then it went to 30 in a blink of an eye. In the end I settled on 50 standard colours! Yep 50!

I now have 50 glorious colours in my standard range. Colours from a deep wine (yummy colour), through to bright teals and then to some very pretty shades of pink and corals. These colours I have noted down the dye instructions (something I’m not really good at – I just want to dye and not do admin!) and I can repeat dye these on all my bases. The colour range now includes 25 solid and semis solids colours and 25 mix and match connecting colours. These are the colours that can be used to join, or connect, the semi solids together. There are lots of colour combinations to choose from.

During the year I will then dye and release ranges of limited edition colourways that will blend with my standard ranges. I will also dye special blends for specific events, such as Christmas or a special holiday or event.

In Canberra, at this time of year, we have an event called Floriade and it is Australia’s biggest celebration of spring. The event is truly stunning and if you have not visited then I would recommend planning for next year. It is a parkland full, and I mean full, of flowers! Next year I will be planning a range of yarn colours to help celebrate this wonderful event!

For those that know me, dyeing alpaca yarn is an obsession of mine, along with the animals and their fibre. I just can’t get enough really. I love all the colours, the more the merrier in my books, however having worked through and landing on a range of repeatable colours has been a great experience. It will give me the opportunity to approach more yarn and fibre stores with my wholesale offer and it will also give more repeatable options for my customers. And I can also celebrate the joy of dyeing limited edition colours during the year!