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Support an Aussie farmer today

Well hello there my pretties!! Where have you been my friends? We have missed you! Grass and clover…a couple of simple things that make my heart sing! 🎶  As primary producers we need Mother Nature to be kind to us. This year has been particularly tough for many farmers across Australia and we too have been affected, not as much as others though, as thankfully we still have some green coverage on our very dry paddocks, other alpaca farms are not so lucky.

Last week we got a little rain and the paddocks are starting to come alive. We are still hand feeding our alpacas and goats, as we have been doing for many months. Feed costs are adding up but we continue to care for our livestock as best we can!

How can you help? Easy! Buy Australian grown and Australian made products! Every purchase you make helps an Australian farmer. No matter how small, all purchases add up and they all make a difference.

We are very proud of our alpaca products! We are also proud to work with some wonderful other alpaca related family based businesses in NSW like Adagio Mills, Boston Fines Fibres, Millpaca, Illawarra Prime Alpaca and the 16 alpaca studs who form the Alpaca Breeders Collection. All NSW family run businesses that we are proud to work with!

You can help farmers by purchasing products that have been grown and produced in Australia. We grow and produce very beautiful products so why not buy direct from a farmer?

And may the grass continue to grow!!