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For the love of alpaca fibre

I get asked from time to time why alpaca yarn? Why not merino? Alpaca fibre, especially alpaca fibre that has been grown in NSW is a world class fibre! Nothing beats it really! Then you add processed in Australia – geez what gets better than world class fibre that is not only grown in Australia but also processed right here? Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats alpaca that has been grown and processed in NSW!

As primary producers, yes we also grow the alpaca fibre right here on our farm, we take great care for not only our land but also our alpacas. This in turns allows us to grow stunning alpaca fibre that is then processed into world leading and truly beautiful yarn. We know where our fibre comes from – either on our farm or from another alpaca stud about 1 hour away from us.

Recently at a fibre event I wandered around and asked a few sellers where their fibre was sourced from. They said they did not know…wait what did you say? You don’t know where your fibre that your selling comes from??!! I was a little shocked to learn that some of them did not know where the fibre that they were selling was grown or processed. I am not making a statement about those sellers not knowing where their fibre was grown, it’s more of a shock to me, as a primary producer, that they did not know, because I have an endless fascination about where the fibre I use is grown and processed. Obsessed really!

People who know me understand my obsession with alpaca fibre, either on the alpaca or in yarn. I am always rabbeting on about it. People roll their eyes…Angela is talking about alpaca fibre AGAIN, so it was a shock to learn that some people did not share the same obsession. What is wrong with people?! LOL!

I try to educate my customers about the footprint of the yarn and fibre they are using. I even tell them about the travel distance between where the fibre was grown and where it was processed. It helps them make an informed decision on their purchases. See what I mean about being obsessed – I work out travel distance and time!

To help improve our genetics in our alpaca herd, who use their super powers to turn grass into fibre (clever little things), we have recently purchased a few new females. They were purchased for their fleece growing abilities. This photo is of Matilda – a sweet little girl who will make the most stunning fibre for our future yarn. What is not to love about alpaca fibre I ask you? Just look at that fleece…so very yummy but wait until that fleece is made into yarn!! Can’t wait! It’s love!