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Farm Open Weekend

This weekend we opened our farm to the public to help celebrate the Murrumbateman Moving Feast.

This is a local event that showcases some of Murrumbateman’s finest wine, food and views – an exploration of the region and senses by roving degustation. People attending the event over the weekend, travelled from, winery to winery tasting and drinking some of the finest food and wine the region had to offer. 
 Mother nature was very kind to us over the weekend with two very beautiful days that gave the visitors more reason to visit our farm and stay a while.

During the weekend we had a stream of visitors come to the farm to browse our Farm Shop before visiting our alpacas. We had the visiting party of Atlantis and Alchemy (aka Fat Face) to meet everyone but visitors were warned…..”You will fall in love, just warning you!’ And yes that is exactly what happened! ♥ Both little boys, Atlantis and Fat Face, were a hit with many people indeed falling in love with them. They were gentleman and let everyone pat them and take them for a walk.

Allowing people, who don’t have livestock or have never visited a farm, to interact with our alpacas is very important. It gives me more time to talk alpaca, and most people that know me know that I love talking about alpacas, but it also gives the visitors time to understand where their food and/or products comes from. It does not come neatly packed from the supermarket or clothing store, it comes from a farm where things are farmed!

We enjoyed meeting all our visitors and having time to share our love of alpaca with them. We spent quite a lot of time explaining the fibre growing and then processing steps and how we value add to our alpaca fibre that is grown on our farm. Visitors were very interested to learn where the product we sell come from and the journey the fibre has travelled to become our premium alpaca yarn!

We sold heaps of alpaca yarn during the weekend, many to repeat customers who are starting to become friends. The yarn sold will be made into gifts for their families – more people falling in love with alpaca in the future it seems!

Thank you to everyone who visited us over the weekend. It was lovely that you found time to visitor our farm and learn just a little bit more about the livestock and fibre we love – alpaca.