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Alpaca Fleece

Toward the end of each year our happy herd receive their yearly shearing, at which point we skirt and separate the fibre for dyeing, processing and sale as full fleeces. All raw fleece from our 2021 shear has now sold or been used in other products. But if you are an avid spinner or fibre artist and are looking to purchase a full alpaca fleece, feel free to check back in with us closer to the end of the year!

All our raw alpaca fleeces have been fleece tested and skirted. Fleece results are noted within the description for each fleece. Our fleeces have very little to no vegetable matter (VM). Photos are as close the actual colour as possible however additional colour details have been noted in the description area for each fleece. Prices for the fleeces are worked out per individual fleece by weight and also quality of the fleece.

Hand dyed alpaca fibre is also available